About EIRC

Euro India Research Center (EIRC) brings with it more than 15 years of experience and partnerships with European and Indian industries and research players, in cross sectoral industrial and technological sectors.

Since its inception, EIRC facilitated collaborations between Europe and India for conducting Research and Technology Development (RTD) under the European Commission’s largest funding Programme – Framework Programme 7 (FP7). EIRC functioned as the Operational Arm of the Indian ICT National Contact Point (NCP) for the FP7 ICT Programme, the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, GOI, and supported the Indian organizations through:

  • Timely information dissemination and training on the Framework Programme
  • Advising on legal and financial issues, proposal writing and submission
  • Disseminating and assisting partner searches to Indian organizations and vice versa.

Currently, EIRC is a one-stop-shop entity for facilitating business and research cooperation and collaborations between EU and India. EIRC facilitates new partnerships and catalyses budding collaborations broadly between businesses, industries, academia and research establishments both in India and Europe. EIRC with its huge past experience in FP7 will continue to support research activities and connects them to industry as per their need.

EIRC has gained tremendous insights and exposure to the way of working of European entities, their business and cultural etiquettes, their technology prowess and expertise they can offer by partnering with them in European Commission funded projects and initiatives.

We have been partners in Research Support projects in various science and technology sectors such as energy, Information and communication technology, transport, environment, food, biotechnology, water and waste water, healthcare, space, automobile etc.

During the course of time EIRC has acquired several niche expertises that can be beneficial to the clients from Europe and India.

  • EIRC has played crucial roles in all the projects – technical projects, management projects; the projects were executed in consortium mode some ranging from 6 partners with some up to 30 partners from different European and Asian countries.
  • We have acquired great skills in coordinating, managing and monitoring the project activities and partners roles;
  • We have mastered the art of dissemination and promotion of project results,
  • We have led the projects as dissemination and communications partners by developing the project web portals, collaterals, organizing press meet,
  • We have specialists for developing market analysis reports, , developing exhaustive sectoral databases and conducting market surveys


EIRC’s mission is to assist our clients from businesses and research from Europe and India establish technology and business collaborations and assist the client to get into joint ventures for technology transfers, technology uptakes and business expansion.  Our reputation lies in building lasting relationships with our clients and a focus on delivering value in all we do.


EIRC’s vision is to become the one-stop-shop for entities from Europe and India seeking business or research partnerships across border.  EIRC’s aim is to become the ‘sought-after’ firm for consultancy on technology transfers, market entry strategy development, joint ventures, and business expansion irrespective of sectors and industries and businesses.