Euro-India Research Centre (EIRC) is an information and service platform to facilitate collaboration between Indian and European organisations (from industry and academia) for conducting joint Research and Technology Development under the European Commission’s largest funding Programme - FP7.

EIRC is also the Functional Arm of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) National Contact Point (NCP) Network of India. EIRC not only operates in the ICT sector but also in the Environment, Energy and Biotechnology sectors covered under FP7. EIRC aims to eventually operate and provide service in the remaining sectors of FP7.

Mission Statement

The mission of EIRC is to drive novelty and innovation, achieved by defining important work at the frontier of science and technology, through the realization of an effective collaboration among the leading Indian and European research organisations. In this mission, the EIRC is guided by the European Research Agenda with the ultimate aim of achieving the FP7 goals of growth and competitiveness.

Specific objectives of EIRC are:

  • Facilitate research-level co-operation and engagement between India and the European Union.
  • Assist Indian and European organisations recognize effective collaborative avenues in appropriate technology sectors.
  • Advice Indian ICT and non ICT constituencies on various collaboration opportunities in FP7.
  • Provide assistance in identifying partners for FP7 projects, both Indian and European.
  • Offer one-to-one training and consulting services to interested organizations.

EIRC as the Functional Arm of the Indian ICT NCP

The National Contact Points (NCPs) are the important entities operating in every EU nation to provide guidance, practical information and assistance on all aspects of participation in FP7. They act as a support network for the implementation of FP7 objectives in their respective regions. There are NCPs for each sector under FP7.

In India, the Ministry of Communiction & Information Technology (MCIT), Government of India was chosen as the FIRST Indian National Contact Point for the ICT Sector of FP7 in the year 2005.

The Indian NCP operated through the Indian Research Support Network (IRSN) which is constituted by ITSMA, C-DAC and IIIT-B. EIRC is the Function Arm of this NCP Network.

ITSMA - Interactive Technology, Software and Media Association

  • A Not-for-Profit organization that assists in the development of the SMEs in the ICT sector
  • Assists SMEs through networking, advocacy, business partnerships and international expansion.
  • IRSN target group: SMEs and Large companies

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IIIT-B-International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore

  • A new generation Graduate School focusing on ALL aspects of Information Technology (IT).
  • Represents a model of Public-Private-Partnership, setting a new benchmark in the higher education system in India
  • IRSN target group: Higher Education and Universities and Multinationals

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C-DAC - Center for Development of Advanced Computing

  • A society under the Department of Information Technology, Government of India
  • R & D institution involved in the design, development and deployment of advanced IT solutions
  • IRSN target group: Research Centres

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EIRC as the Functional Arm of this NCP Network is the main provider of advice and assistance. The NCP, through EIRC supports the organizations in their relevant area of interest. It supports through:

  1. Giving information and training about the Framework Programme
  2. Giving advice on legal and financial issues, proposal writing and submission
  3. Disseminating partner searches from and to Indian and European organizations.

EIRC also liaises with the European Commission on behalf of their clients.