EIRC offers comprehensive services in managing FP7 research projects. It presents several "entry doors" and access to both Indian and EU organizations for collaboration with their counterpart. EIRC also provides assistance in developing the project ideas into proposals. EIRC itself has participated in several FP6 and FP7 Projects in the ICT sector and is moving to various other sectors such as energy, food and biotechnology sector, environment, transport and Nano Technology.

EIRC has assisted more then 60% of the successful INDIAN PARTICIPATION in the FP6 ICT Programme.

EIRC services include:

  • Assists in Partner Search for both for Indian and European Organisations 
  • Defines Road maps by charting organizational competencies against FP priorities
  • Benchmarks project ideas against relevant past and current frontier research 
  • Provides expert assistance in the assessment of the proposed project ideas
  • Conducts regular workshops on phases between project idea and proposal submission 
  • Conducts periodic Training programmes on proposal writing and budget outlining
  • Provides consultancy services in the areas of project management, administrative coordination, financial reporting and dissemination requirements

EIRC Sercies

EIRC’s consultancy services through different phases of FP7 proposal writing including proposal submission and project management are explained below.

Project Proposal Preparation Phase

  • Informs about call for proposals and its objectives/activities
  • Examines the probability of organization to participate
  • Explains about FP7 funding scheme
  • Assist in identifying right funding programme

Partner search

  • Informs about various Partner Search Networks
  • Assists in identifying suitable partners

Project Proposal Submission

  • EIRC assists in the usage of Electronic Proposal Submission System (EPSS) as all proposals have to be prepared and submitted using the EPSS
Project Contract Negotiation and Project Execution Phase

  • EIRC provides customized training and workshops on the Contract Negotiation and execution phase.

EIRC’s Strengths:

EIRC provides services for successful proposal writing and project management through its

  • Knowledge and experience in framework programme procedures
  • Participation in several framework projects
  • Knowledge of project technical areas
  • Knowledge of financial management
  • Well experienced work team