Benefits of FP7

Avail EU funding

In FP7, any type of organisation - large companies, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), research centres, research organisations or universities, including private sector research organisations, individual researchers / PhD students / experts, and NGOs / business / research associations, chambers of commerce, public authorities, and varsities can avail funding to carryout their FP7 research project. FP7 allocates resources as sought by the project consortium and thus facilitates the partners involved to carry out the necessary tasks and activities as indicated in the proposal.

Build International Partnerships

The FP7 participants have the advantage of developing new networks and contacts nationally and internationally through the projects they participate in. It facilitates new interactions at science, research and business levels. In addition, the consolidation of existing links is observed as an untimely advantage of being part of a Framework consortium. Many organisations have entered into new partnerships nationally and internationally from the linkages formed in a consortium.

Expand Business in Europe

Collaborating and building partnership with the European organizations in FP7 have contributed in expanding business in Europe for many Non-European organizations. Joining and forming a new consortium with the partners from new market in Europe would familiarize these organizations with the market scenario in Europe and provide good opportunity to adjust and become accustomed to its requirements. Participation in FP7 will provide opportunity for a lot of networking and promotional activities thus enabling the organizations to showcase their organization’s expertise and at the same time study the market opportunities.

Fortify Research Capabilities

Framework Programme gathers researchers from various disciplines and result in additional benefits such as:

  1. Increase the collaboration between basic and advanced scientific researchers and involve regulatory bodies and enduring groups thus enabling sharing of knowledge and technology know-how
  2. Provide a medium for coherent companies’ research and developmental activities
  3. Provide opportunity for stakeholders to interact and exchange innovative ideas with  transnational stakeholders  
  4. Disseminates information about EU R&D policy formulation in support of innovation.

Explore and Build technological competencies

Framework Programme brings together research teams from different countries. It allows the researchers involved in the project to explore new areas of technology development. It creates new business opportunities for many companies and exposes new perspectives, ideas and approaches, technological competencies from other internationally established academia or industry, as well as from private sector partners in a project consortium.