FP7 activities are supported by a wide range of “Funding Schemes”. These schemes are used to fund the actions implemented throughout the Framework Programme. The funding schemes are formulated based on the type and size of the projects.

The following are the funding schemes defined by the European Commission:

  • Collaborative Project (CP)
  • Networks of Excellence (NoE)
  • Coordination and Support Action (CSA)
  • Individual Projects
  • Support for training and career development of researchers
  • Research for the benefit of specific groups (in particular SMEs)

Collaborative Project (CP):

Collaborative projects support research projects carried out by consortia with participants from different countries, aiming at developing new knowledge, new technology, products, demonstration activities or common resources for research. This Funding Scheme allows for two types of projects to be financed:

a) “Small or medium-scale focused research actions” or Focused Projects (called STREP in FP6) – These aim at a specific objective in a clearly focused approach; these have a permanent work plan where the principal deliverables are not expected to change during the lifetime of the project. These Focused Projects consists of content comprising either of the following two, or a combination of the two:

  • A research and technological development project - designed to generate new knowledge which would improve European competitiveness and/or address major societal needs
  • A demonstration project - designed to prove the viability of new technologies offering potential economic advantage but which cannot be commercialized directly (e.g. testing of product-like prototypes)

As well as:

  • Project management activities.
  • These also include innovation-related activities, in particular with respect to the management of the knowledge produced and the protection of intellectual property.

b) “Large-scale integrating projects" (called Integrated Project (IP) in FP6) – These comprises of coherent set of activities and an appropriate management structure. Activities in an integrating project may cover:

  • Research and technology development activities
  • Demonstration activities
  • Technology transfer or take-up activities
  • Training activities
  • Dissemination activities
  • Knowledge management and exploitation
  • Consortium management activities
  • Other activities
      FP7 Budget BreakdownFigure: FP7 Budget Breakdown