Coordination and Support Actions (CSA)

These are actions that cover the coordination and networking of projects, programmes, policies, exchanges, coordination of funded projects, trans-national access to research infrastructures, studies, conferences etc. These actions may also be implemented by means other than calls for proposals. CSA includes:

  1. Coordination and networking activities, dissemination and use of knowledge
  2. Studies or expert groups assisting the implementation of the FP
  3. Support for transnational access to major research infrastructures
  4. Actions to stimulate the participation of SMEs, civil society and their networks
  5. Support for cooperation with other European research schemes (e.g. “frontier research”).

This Funding Scheme allows for two types of projects to be financed:

a) “Coordination Actions” (CA) – Coordinating actions are performed by a consortium of participants, usually 3 from 3 different nations. Coordination actions cover the following activities:

  • organization of events (conferences, meetings);
  • performance of studies, analysis;
  • exchanges of personnel;
  • exchanges and dissemination of good practices;
  • setting up of common information systems;
  • setting up of expert groups;
  • definition, organization, management of joint or common initiatives
  • management of the action

b) “Support Actions" (SA) – Support actions may be carried out by single participant; hence there are no constraints on the size of the consortium. The support actions cover different activities such as:

  • conferences, seminars, working groups an expert groups;
  • studies, analysis
  • fact finding and monitoring;
  • preparatory technical work, including feasibility studies;
  • development of research or innovation strategies;
  • high level scientific awards and competitions;
  • Operational support, data access and dissemination, information and communication activities.