Under the Euratom Treaty, the European Commission continues to support civil nuclear research, through a separate FP7 programme which includes EUR 2.751 million to be spent over five years (2007-2011)). This programme includes research, technological expansion and exploitation activities; propagation of technical information and international cooperation, as well as training in the area of Nuclear Research.

The proposals for FP7 Euratom are organised in two specific programmes corresponding to the indirect actions on fusion energy research and nuclear fission and radiation protection, and the direct research activities by the Joint Research Centre (JRC).

  • Indirect action covers the fields of fusion energy research in particular ITER (International Research Infrastructure) and nuclear fission and radiation protection. This specific programmes allocate EUR 1 947 million to fusion energy research and EUR 287 million for nuclear fission and radiation protection.
  • Direct action in the nuclear field undertaken by the Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) with a budget of EUR 517 million reserved for nuclear activities of the JRC. Activities covered under this action include nuclear waste management, environmental impact, nuclear safety and nuclear security.


Direct Actions of Euratom covers

  1. Fusion energy research - budget of EUR 1.947 million,
  2. Nuclear fission and radiation protection with a budget of EUR 287

Indirect Action of Euratom/JRC nuclear research

  1. Budget 517 million euros
  2. Covers nuclear waste management, environmental impact and nuclear safety