An organization can also join other consortiums that are developing proposals as partners.   

If an organization is too close to the Proposal submission deadline and it is not practically possible to start developing a new proposal, it is better to search for consortiums or proposals that are seeking partners and join them if the activities proposed fits well with your organizations expertise.

Analyzing the work programme objectives, contribution in writing sections of the proposal, furnishing details for Part A of the proposal will have to be followed even when you are developing your own proposal, but joining another consortium.

There are various avenues that will aid in searching partners or finding consortiums that are seeking partners.

  1. Attend FP7 INFODAYS, brokerage events, etc related to European R&D. these are good networking platforms.
  2. Find partners with complementary expertise to your organisation.
  3. Check up the partner search databases.
    • CORDIS, the EU’s official website for FP7 has a partner search database for all the sectors of FP7. - Partner Search Database
    • Particularly for the ICT sector, in addition to CORDIS, Ideal-ist is a web platform which helps in finding partners for your project and also acts as a avenue to join other projects.
    • CORDIS also has an online database of FP6 project participants which is a very good source to look for partners for your proposal, or to identify consortiums that are being formed and offer to join their consortium. - Explore the EU FP6 project database.
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