Ideal-ist: An Ideal International ICT Partner Search Network

Ideal-ist is an international ICT partner search network specifically designed to facilitate the participation in the ICT thematic area of Framework Programme 7. Ideal-IST offers a unique and quality-labeled partner search and other services through its web-based platform and thus eases the organization’s participation in FP7. Ideal-ist assists the organizations in the following:

  • Join ICT projects
  • Find partners for their project idea
  • Get the project idea assessed
  • Find services to support the organisations in their ICT project

What is Ideal-ist NCP Network?

Ideal-ist network consists of 63 ICT national partners from EU and Non-EU Countries, such as Associated States, Eastern European Partner Countries (EEPC) and Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPC) and emerging countries like China, Brazil, India, and South Africa in line with the international cooperation strategy of the European Commission.

Ideal-ist is the first quality-labelled international ICT partner search network, basing on the well established NCPs in the EU27 and Associated States and part-funded by the European Commission.

How to use Partner Search service?

Partner Search is the unique feature of Ideal-ist. The Ideal-ist Network creates opportunities to find partners to build a consortium for a ICT project. There are 3 following ways to use Partner Search:

  • If an organization already has a project idea and needs to complete its consortium, then it can launch its own partner search.
  • If an organization is looking for further partners in its running IP or NoE projects, then they can engage in action for a competitive call.
  • If an organization is willing to join a forming consortium in its areas of interest, then it can subscribe to the ideal-ist mailing list.

Ideal-ist Partner Search Facility helps find partners for the ICT project idea under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union (2007-2013), working in a proactive way. 

The National Ideal-ist Representative (in cooperation with the ideal-ist Quality Team) will help the organizations identify partners’ specific to the ICT call and objective being addressed.

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