Capacities Activities

The FP7 “Capacities” Programme aims to enhance research and innovation capacities throughout Europe, ensure their optimal use, and widen the rapport between SMEs and the research base. This programme intends to improve Europe’s research capability, innovation capacity and competitiveness, and consequently, stimulate Europe’s full research potential and knowledge resources. The Capacities programme is provided with a budget of EUR 4.097 million to operate in seven broad areas

This Specific programme covers the following 7 activities:

  1. Research infrastructures
  2. Research for the benefit of SMEs
  3. Research for knowledge
  4. Research potential of Convergence Regions
  5. Science in Society
  6. Support to the coherent development of research policies
  7. Specific activities of international cooperation

The activities defined in the Specific Programme are:

  • Bi-regional coordination of S&T cooperation including priority setting and definition of S&T cooperation policies (INCO-NET);
  • Bilateral coordination for the enhancement and development of S&T Partnerships (BILAT);
  • Supporting the coordination of national and regional policies and activities of Member States and Associated States on international S&T cooperation (ERA-NET).
  • Supporting the trans-national activities of International Cooperation NCPs (INCO-NCP)
  • Supporting EU access to third country programmes (ACCESS4EU)