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Research for the benefit of SME's

This main objective is to strengthen innovation activity supports research for the benefit of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with the objective of improving the capacity for innovation through beneficial research; driving their contribution to the development of new technology based products and services and further expanding technology based markets.

This programme includes:

Supporting SMEs outsourcing research activities - This support aims at SMEs or SME associations in need of outsourcing research to providers of research services ('RTD performers') such as universities, research centres or other, more specialized SMEs. It is implemented through two schemes namely:

  • Research for SMEs
  • Research for SME associations

Developing and coordinating support to SMEs at national level - This activity anticipates that national and regional research programmes for SMEs to establish common objectives and assessment technique for trans-national research cooperation for the benefits of SMEs.

Support measures – This reinforces the impact of the participation in SME-specific research projects by launching extra measures and closely monitors and assesses participation in both FP6 and FP7:

  • 'Coordination and support actions' will be awarded to projects favoring and increasing the impact of actions undertaken under 'Research for the benefit of SMEs';
  • Studies will be undertaken at various stages of FP7 to analyse and assess the socio-economic impact on and needs of participants in 'Research for the benefit of SMEs'.

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