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Issue #3 - October 2008
R&D in India – Raising the ladder of innovation

India is attracting a continuous flow of people, ideas and technologies from around the world, owing to world class educational institutions, a robust intellectual property regime and a rich talent pool of technical manpower available at a very competitive cost. With 2.5 million IT, engineering and life sciences graduates, and being the world's 3rd largest scientific and technical manpower, India's Research and development (R&D) capability spans a wide spectrum of industries: agriculture, biotechnology, energy, nanotechnology, information technology, space, defence, automobiles, aviation, pharmaceuticals, theoretical physics, and statistics among others. The industries attracting high-end R&D are again numerous, with prominent ones being pharmaceuticals, automobiles, biotechnology, information technology and telecommunication.

India is also moving ahead in the R&D value chain, with the country increasingly attracting high-end R&D. Many companies like Microsoft, Motorola, and Intel are doing high end R&D activities in their Indian centres. India has emerged as the largest R&D centre for Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) -- a provider of personal wireless technology, including Bluetooth and FM receivers -- outside the UK. Moreover, India's indigenous R&D culture is shifting from one of emulation to one of innovation across categories ranging from biopharmaceuticals to automotive engineering. Opportunities in India, for exciting work are exploding owing to a growing roster of R&D centers that multinational companies have been establishing there in recent years.


Global R&D hub

  • The University of Oxford will set up its first research centre outside UK in association with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in India.
  • The Indian research wing of global microchip manufacturer Texas Instruments has become the most critical R&D for IT globally.
  • Citrix Systems Inc., a global leader in application delivery infrastructure, plans to open its second R&D facility with US$ 200 million worth of investment, in Bangalore over the next five years.
  • British aerospace major Rolls-Royce has tied up with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, and Imperial College of the UK to work together on a new research project to develop alloys for use in 'greener' aircraft engines.
  • DaimlerChrysler Research Centre in Bangalore is involved with fundamental and applied research in avionics, simulation and software development.
  • Boeing is working with HCL Technologies to co-develop software for everything from navigation systems and landing gear to the cockpit controls.
  • Intel promotes R&D activities based on its design, through its Intel Technology Laboratories (ITL) at IIT Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi; IISc Bangalore; and the National Center for Software Technology (NCST), Mumbai.
  • Info Space, a developer of metasearch products that helps people to easily search and discover the Web, has opened its first R&D centre in India.


Some achievements in R&D

  • India is the only developing country and the 6th worldwide to design, manufacture and launch its own satellites.
  • About 165 institutions in the country are engaged in genetic engineering research, comprising 55 in transgenic work, 25 in therapeutics and 85 in basic research.
  • In the automobile segment, R&D expenses of six auto companies of Indian origin increased 70 per cent to US$ 351.45 million in 2006-07 - from US$ 112.49 million in 2003-04.
  • According to the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), there are already over 250 Indian expatriates who have returned to work on R&D in domestic automobile companies.


India’s booming Offshore R&D industry

India continues to maintain its status as an attractive offshore research and development destination. The boom in the offshore R&D centers in India is primarily being driven by increased demand from multinationals like Cisco, GE, Motorola and Hewlett-Packard.
According to estimates provided by the Zinnov report, the offshore research and development industry is currently worth € 6.32117 billion and is growing at a rapid rate of 23 percent annually. Realizing the country’s prowess in R&D, India has been invited to participate in various International efforts. For example, India is one of the seven countries engaged in efforts to develop energy through fusion reaction as part of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor. Thus, India remains the R&D destination of choice for various multinational companies.

Source: IBEF


Euro India ICT Cooperation Gateway – Prominent networking session at ICT Lyon Summit

A networking session at the ICT Summit in Lyon from 25 – 27 November 2008, named Euro India ICT Cooperation Gateway, offers a unique platform for networking with eminent Indian ICT professions such as researchers, innovators, academicians and entrepreneurs.

This networking session provides a forum for discussion on joint EU – India collaboration  which will be carried out in 2 sessions.

  1. Panel of European and Indian eminent speakers   
  2. Structured thematic networking round-tables


Topics covered in the discussion are:

  • Convergence communications – Indian IT and Telecom sectors are the main sources for attracting extensive investments from MNCs in recent years. MNCs are also investing in setting up their R&D centers in the country. These centers focus on state-of-art technology and product development utilizing the large pool of R&D manpower in the country. R&D is the backbone of Information Communication Technology (ICT) industry in a fast changing technology scenario as in India.
  • Digital libraries – Knowledge Management leveraging on Information Science (IS) and Information Technology (IT) is the recent trend and strategy seen in the advanced academic and corporate environment. Building world standard digital libraries, as powerhouses of knowledge, that are able to address the complex issues put forth by the technology push as well as the demand pull are fast catching up worldwide attention. Particularly, in India, Open Digital Library (ODL) initiatives are picking up unprecedented Institutional as well as professional group attention owing to a variety of excellent features offered by these DLs. During the past five years India has been responding to this global trend quite proactively and positively.
  • Embedded systems – There is a need to nurture different systems like 3G, telecommunications, military applications, robotics etc that catalyzes innovation in the IT industry. So, the scope of embedded systems has now gone far beyond the traditional real time operating systems which raise a need to identify the area of Embedded Systems as a key technology with a high inclination for innovation. The electronic engineering community in India is quickly moving from its current base in design engineering and software development services toward turnkey systems development. This puts India's embedded market at the forefront of IP-based solutions development and systems architecture consulting.
  • FET – Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) endeavors to encourage entrepreneurship and enable innovative start-ups to reach higher. Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information technology and Cognitive science, is currently the most popular emergent technologies.
  • IPV6 – Exponential growth of the internet and its anticipated future demands for more allocation, mobility, scalability, security and bandwidth efficiency and is driving the need for a new version of the Internet Protocol. In the recent years, it is widely recognized that our efforts should be streamlined towards designing and deploying next generation network architectures and applications that meet the changing requirements of time specially focusing on IPv6 and next generation networks, the Republic of India has seen the introduction of IPv6, alongside unrestricted access to broadband, as critical for upgrading the existing IT infrastructure.
  • Software & services – It is relatively nascent segment of the Indian IT and related sectors which has witnessed high levels of growth. Today, many companies are involved in the deployment and development of software and services.


To know more about the session click here for the Agenda and to get acquainted with Indian organisations contact us.

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Did You Know
Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research (COST)
Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research is one of the longest-running European instruments. It supports cooperation among scientists and researchers across Europe. COST is also the first and widest European intergovernmental network for coordination of nationally funded research activities.
Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
It provides a framework for industry and academia to identify partners world-wide and to co-operate throughout the full innovation cycle. It offers broad-based technology trials and benchmarking, involving a world-wide R&D. It understands global markets through improved market intelligence.
Indo Swiss Joint Research Programme
ISJRP was founded by the Swiss State Secretariat of Education and Research (SER) and the Indian Department of Science and Technology (DST) with the goal of furthering cooperation in strategic scientific and technological cooperation relevant to Switzerland and India. It enhances excellence in research capabilities by combining the resources of both countries.
Indo-Hungarian co-operation in Science & Technology
S&T Co-operation is implemented through two agreements, between the Indian National Science Academy (INSA) and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS), and between Department of Science and Technology (DST) and the National Office for Research and Technology Hungarian Ministry of Economy and Transport.
Interlinking European GEANT with Indian ERNET
An-India-EU Project has been finalized on “Interlinking European GEANT (Advanced Multi-giga-bit communication network of 3500 pan European research and education institutions) with Indian ERNET (Nation-wide terrestrial and satellite based network of Indian research and education institutions) for an efficient, speedy and direct connectivity between European and Indian research community and as a test bed for catalyzing India-EU research collaboration.
Indian organisations participating in ICT call 3

The third ICT FP7 Call for proposals under the Cooperation Programme was published on 4 December 2007 and 8 April 2008 as deadline. The ICT Call 3 was open for the following areas:

  • Challenge 2: Cognitive systems, interaction, and robotics;
  • Challenge 4: Digital libraries and content; Intelligent content and semantics and
  • Future and Emerging Technologies.

The table shows the status of the Indian organisations who submitted proposals in ICT Call 3. Many Indian Organisations participated in ICT Call 3 under different Challenge areas, of which 4 were ranked within 100.

Sl No Project Acronym Indian Organisations Short Name City Ranking
1 LivingKnowledge Documentation Research and Training Center, Indian Statistical Institute ISI Bangalore 1
2 PM Game MeritTrac Services Private Limited MT Bangalore 45
3 MOVIDA Motorola India Private Limited MIRL Bangalore 83
4 CorDL Indian Statistical Institute DRTC Bangalore 84
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a) Network of National Contact Points (NCPs)
NCP in India operates through Indian Research Support Network which has been nominated for ICT thematic area by Department of Information Technology (DIT). It is composed of 3 main organisations namely:
National Contact Points are the main structure to provide guidance, practical information and assistance on all aspects of participation in Seventh framework programme.
It is supported by Euro India Research centre (EIRC) in all activities to enhance collaborative research between European and Indian organisations
b) EIRC services
The following are the services offered by EIRC:
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  • Roadmapping: Charting organizational competencies against FP priorities
  • Benchmarking of project ideas against relevant past and current frontier research
  • Conducting training and workshops
  • External assistance to proposal writing
  • Project partner search
  • Consulting on the programme
  • Networking
  • Project management.
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