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Issue #3 - October 2008
ICT Lyon Summit: Bringing nations together towards further collaboration!!!   ICT Call 4 open

One of Europe’s most important research events brings over 4000 delegates together from across the globe to associate and establish research and business partnerships. This is a biennial event, which presents 3 opportunities to explore through: Conference, Exhibition, and Networking.

Conference- Provides a platform for all stakeholders, entrepreneurs, policy makers to discuss on future technological advancement

Exhibition- Displays specific research projects in the field of ICT and provides room for interactions amongst the participants.

Networking- Establishes contacts and partnerships at networking sessions with interested parties organized by various projects aimed at joint participation in the EU scientific and development projects.

About Lyon Sessions

Euro India ICT Cooperation Gateway @ ICT Lyon Summit:

The Euro India ICT Cooperation gateway is the most noteworthy networking session. The session brings together people with similar areas of interest, acts as a platform to exchange views and ideas, as well as to discuss the challenges in the ICT sectors. The aim of this session is to facilitate European and Indian research organisations and researchers to establish contacts to enhance collaborative research between the two nations in the ICT arena.

This networking session conducts discussion on vital themes in two sessions:
• General session with a panel of top level speakers
• Parallel session with structured thematic networking round-tables

To stay informed on the Euro India ICT Cooperation Gateway networking session click here


The Information and Communication Technologies theme of the Cooperation Programme will announce its fourth Call for proposals on 19 November 2008 and with a deadline on 1 April 2009.

The Call 4 will support projects under 7 challenge areas with various objectives.

ICT Call 4 also promotes research under –

FET open: Challenging current thinking;

Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Proactive under the following areas:

  • Concurrent Tera-device computing,
  • Quantum Information Foundations and Technologies,
  • Bio-chemistry-based Information Technology,
  • Identifying new research topics, Assessing emerging global S&T trends in ICT for future FET Proactive initiatives.

Horizontal support actions under the following areas:

  • Horizontal support actions for international cooperation
  • Supplements to support International Cooperation between ongoing projects
  • General Accompanying Measures

The Work Programme for ICT research in FP7 for 2009 and 2010 is now available. For more information on ICT call 4, click here

Latest News  

Latest Events

FP 7 Calls open

The European Commission has published the updated calls for proposals under the specific Programme “Cooperation”, of 5 thematic areas of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).

Thematic Area: Health
Call Identifier Call Title Publication Date Deadline Date
FP7-Health-2009-single-stage FP7-Health-2009-single-stage 3 September 2008 3 December 2008
FP7-Health-2009-two-stage FP7-Health-2009-two-stage 3 September 2008 3 December 2008
Thematic Area: Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology
Call Identifier Call Title Publication Date Deadline Date
FP7-KBBE-2009-3 FP7-KBBE-2009-3 3 September 2008 15 January 2009
FP7-2009-BIOREFINERY_CP Biorefinery Joint Call 3 September 2008 12 February 2009
FP7-2009-BIOREFINERY_CSA Biorefinery Joint Call 3 September 2008 12 February 2009
Thematic Area: Environment
Call Identifier Call Title Publication Date Deadline Date
FP7-ENV-2009-1 FP7-ENV-2009-1 3 September 2008 8 January 2009
FP7-2009-BIOREFINERY_CP Biorefinery Joint Call 3 September 2008 12 February 2009
FP7-2009-BIOREFINERY_CSA Biorefinery Joint Call 3 September 2008 12 February 2009
Thematic Area: Space
Call Identifier Call Title Publication Date Deadline Date
FP7-SPACE-2009-1 Space Call 2 3 September 2008 4 December 2008
Thematic Area: Security
Call Identifier Call Title Publication Date Deadline Date
FP7-SEC-2009-1 Security Research call 2 3 September 2008 4 December 2008
Source: Cordis
For more information on FP7 calls open click here
Did You Know
Calls for proposal
In the context of the Seventh Framework Programme, calls are launched at various intervals inviting proposals for research projects and other measures to implement the specific programmes. These measures, together with the deadlines for submitting proposals, are defined in the "call text" published in the official Journal of the European Union.
Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research (COST)
Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research is one of the longest-running European instruments. It supports cooperation among scientists and researchers across Europe. COST is also the first and widest European intergovernmental network for coordination of nationally funded research activities.
Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
It provides a framework for industry and academia to identify partners world-wide and to co-operate throughout the full innovation cycle. It offers broad-based technology trials and benchmarking, involving a world-wide R&D. It understands global markets through improved market intelligence.
Networks of Excellence (NoE )
The Networks of Excellence are intended to gather top research institutes to collaborate in one virtual centre of excellence. The network must have a joint program of activity which will facilitate the integration of the institutes. The NoE must also carry out actions supporting integration and dissemination of expertise.
Indo Swiss Joint Research Programme
ISJRP was founded by the Swiss State Secretariat of Education and Research (SER) and the Indian Department of Science and Technology (DST) with the goal of furthering cooperation in strategic scientific and technological cooperation relevant to Switzerland and India. It enhances excellence in research capabilities by combining the resources of both countries.
Indo-Hungarian co-operation in Science & Technology
S&T Co-operation is implemented through two agreements, between the Indian National Science Academy (INSA) and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS), and between Department of Science and Technology (DST) and the National Office for Research and Technology Hungarian Ministry of Economy and Transport.
Interlinking European GEANT with Indian ERNET
An-India-EU Project has been finalized on “Interlinking European GEANT (Advanced Multi-giga-bit communication network of 3500 pan European research and education institutions) with Indian ERNET (Nation-wide terrestrial and satellite based network of Indian research and education institutions) for an efficient, speedy and direct connectivity between European and Indian research community and as a test bed for catalyzing India-EU research collaboration.
Indian organisations participating in ICT call 3

The third ICT FP7 Call for proposals under the Cooperation Programme was published on 4 December 2007 and 8 April 2008 as deadline. The ICT Call 3 was open for the following areas:

  • Challenge 2: Cognitive systems, interaction, and robotics;
  • Challenge 4: Digital libraries and content; Intelligent content and semantics and
  • Future and Emerging Technologies.

The table shows the status of the Indian organisations who submitted proposals in ICT Call 3. Many Indian Organisations participated in ICT Call 3 under different Challenge areas, of which 4 were ranked within 100.

Sl No Project Acronym Indian Organisations Short Name City Ranking
1 LivingKnowledge Documentation Research and Training Center, Indian Statistical Institute ISI Bangalore 1
2 PM Game MeritTrac Services Private Limited MT Bangalore 45
3 MOVIDA Motorola India Private Limited MIRL Bangalore 83
4 CorDL Indian Statistical Institute DRTC Bangalore 84
GET support !!!!
a) Network of National Contact Points (NCPs)
NCP in India operates through Indian Research Support Network which has been nominated for ICT thematic area by Department of Information Technology (DIT). It is composed of 3 main organisations namely:
National Contact Points are the main structure to provide guidance, practical information and assistance on all aspects of participation in Seventh framework programme.
It is supported by Euro India Research centre (EIRC) in all activities to enhance collaborative research between European and Indian organisations
b) EIRC services
The following are the services offered by EIRC:
  • Introduction into Frame work Programme
  • Roadmapping: Charting organizational competencies against FP priorities
  • Benchmarking of project ideas against relevant past and current frontier research
  • Conducting training and workshops
  • External assistance to proposal writing
  • Project partner search
  • Consulting on the programme
  • Networking
  • Project management.
Click here for more information on EIRC services.
To keep you informed on the facilitation between Indian and EU organistaions to conduct Joint R&D in ICT sector visit EIRC website (www.euroindiaresearch.org).

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