FP7 Food Agriculture, Fisheries and Biotechnology new calls

Call Identifier Call Title Date of Publication Deadline Date
FP7-ERANET-2012-RTD ERA-NET Call 2012 2011-07-20 2012-02-28
FP7-KBBE-2012-6-singlestage KBBE 2012 2011-07-20 2011-11-15

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FP7 Food Agriculture, Fisheries and Biotechnology Work Programme

The FP7 Theme 2 work programme 2012 should be understood in the context of underpinning the goals of Europe 2020, in particular with respect to the 'Innovation Union' flagship initiative. This flagship initiative presents one of the engines of the EU's growth strategy for the coming decade. The European bio-based economy has an approximate market size of over EUR 1.5 trillion, employing more than 22 million people and is therefore an essential component of this growth strategy. This work programme puts substantially more emphasis on the foundation that research provides to innovation. It does so primarily by advancing the participation of SMEs as active stakeholders in the research with a view to apply and exploit the results in their innovation projects.


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