EU-India S&T Cooperation Days was a 3-day event promoted and enhanced EU-India Scientific Cooperation. It offered a great opportunity to get involved in European projects, to discover the funding opportunities, learn the rules of participation and contributed to the definition of future research topics of mutual interest for both EU and India. Biocircle

The event was organized by four projects and initiatives in cooperation with the European Commission (Research Directorate General and the EC Delegation to India) and the Government of India with the involvement of the network of FP7 National Contact Points. The event focused on the following themes: Food, Agriculture, Fisheries and Biotechnology & Health.

3 Day Event was divided in the following manner:

  • EU India S&T Cooperation Networking Event - First Day started in the afternoon with the EU India S&T Co-op Networking Event which offered a great opportunity for people involved in EC projects to get updated information on already ongoing EU India collaborations, disseminate project results, network and share experience.
  • EU India S& Cooperation Info Day and Partnering Event – Second Day was divided into morning session and afternoon session. Representatives from the European Commission and the Indian Government introduced EU India scientific cooperation and funding opportunities in the morning session. The afternoon session was dedicated to a Partnering Event wherein Indian and European stakeholders presented their research, project ideas and organizations.
  • EU India S&T Cooperation Roundtable Discussions and FP7 Training - This comprised of two parallel programmes: Round Table Discussions and Training on how to participate in FP7.