The objective of ‘Energy Research’ under FP7 is to aid the formation and establishment of the technologies essential to adapt the current energy system into a more sustainable, competitive and secure one. It should also depend on the less imported fuels and use a diverse mix of energy sources, in particular renewables, energy carriers and non polluting sources. EC has allotted a total budget of € 2.35 billion for funding this theme over the duration of FP7.

The following activities are emphasized:

Hydrogen and fuel cells

  • It supports the EU fuel cells and hydrogen industries, for stationary, portable and transport applications.

Renewable electricity generation

  • It involves technologies to increase overall conversion efficiency, cost efficiency and reliability, driving down the cost of electricity production.

Renewable fuel production

  • It consists of fuel production systems and conversion technologies.

Renewables for heating and cooling

  • It comprises of technologies for inexpensive, more efficient, active and passive heating and cooling from renewable energy sources.

Carbon-di-oxide capture and storage technologies for zero emission power generation

  • It encompasses technologies to reduce the environmental impact of fossil fuel use by capturing Carbon-di-oxide. 

Clean Coal Technologies

  • It significantly improves power plant efficiency, consistency and reducing costs through research, development and demonstration of cleaner coal and other solid fuel conversion technologies.

Smart energy networks

  • It enlarges the efficiency, safety, reliability and quality of the European electricity and gas systems and networks in the context of a more integrated European energy market.

Energy efficiency and savings

  • It involves technologies to improve energy efficiency and facilitates both ultimate and primary energy consumption savings

Knowledge for energy policy making

  • It comprises of tools, methods and models to assess the economic and social issues related to energy technologies

Horizontal promotion actions

  • The topics described in this section have a horizontal character not specified to particular technology.

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