The main aim of the Environment Research under FP7 is to promote sustainable management of both man-made and natural environment and its resources. The FP7 budget earmarked a total of €1.9 billion for the Environment Theme over the duration of FP7.

FP7 environmental research has 2 fold objectives:

  • To advance the knowledge on the interactions between climate, biosphere, ecosystems and human activities and
  • To develop new technologies, tools and services, for the sustainable development of the environment and its resources.

The following are the activities to be looked at:

Climate Change, Pollution and Risks

  • Pressures on environment and climate
  • Environment and Health
  • Natural Hazards

Sustainable Management Resources

  • Conservation and sustainable management of natural and man-made resources and biodiversity
  • Management of marine Environment

Environment technologies

  • Environmental technologies for observation, simulation, prevention, mitigation, adaptation, remediation and restoration of the natural and man-made environment
  • Protection, conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage, including human habitat improved damage assessment on cultural heritage
  • Technology assessment, verification and testing

Earth observation and assessment tools

  • Earth and observation system
  • Forecasting methods and assessment tools

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