The Health area has been allotted a budget of € 6.1 billion for funding over the duration of FP7. The objectives of Health are –

  • To progress the health of the citizens of Europe
  • To enhance the competitiveness and improve the innovative competence of health related industries and businesses and
  • To deal with global health related issues such as malaria, tuberculosis and emerging epidemics.

It emphasizes on:

  • Transnational research
  • Development & validation of new therapies
  • Methods of research promotion
  • Diagnostic tools and technologies

 The following are the 3 main activities that are funded under health:

1. Biotechnology, generic tools and medical technologies for human health

  • High throughput research
  • Detection, diagnosis and monitoring
  • Predicting suitability safety and efficacy of therapies
  • Innovative therapeutic approaches and interventions

2. Translating research for human health

  • Integrating Biological data and processes
  • Research on the brain and related diseases
  • Transnational research in major transmittable diseases and to confront major threats to public health
  • Transnational research on other major diseases

3. Optimizing the delivery of healthcare to European citizens

  • Translating clinical research to clinical practice
  • Quality, efficiency and solidarity of health care systems
  • Enhanced health promotion and disease prevention

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