FP7 ICT new calls

Call Identifier Call Title Date of Publication Deadline Date


FET Open 2010-07-20 2013-03-12


ICT Call 8 2011-07-20 2012-01-17


"ICT for Green Cars"-2012 2011-07-20 2011-12-01


"Energy-efficient Buildings" - 2012 2011-07-20 2011-12-01
FP7-2012-NMP-ICT-FoF "Factories of the Future" - 2012 2011-07-20 2011-12-01

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FP7 ICT Work Programme

This Work Programme defines the priorities for calls for proposals that will result in projects to be launched in the period 2011-12. These projects will start having impacts on markets in 5-10 years, on average. By then, the global ICT infrastructure and market structures are likely to have changed considerably. The research challenges in this Work Programme focus on high-risk ICT collaborative research forming part of a medium to long-term agenda.


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