Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) area is the core part of FP7 programme and has been allotted a budget of € 9.1 billion. ICT are vital to enhance the competitiveness of European industry and to meet the demands of its society and economy. The research activities of FP7 will strengthen the base of Europe’s science and technology and ensure its worldwide leadership in ICT. It helps innovation through ICT use and ensures that ICT is swiftly progressing. The ICT themes have a catalytic impact in three key areas:

  • Productivity and Innovation
  • Modernization of public services
  • Advances in science and technology

The ICT Work Programme under FP7 is divided into seven ‘Challenges’ of strategic interest to European society, plus research in ‘Future and Emerging Technologies’ and support for horizontal actions, such as International Cooperation:

  • Challenge 1 - Pervasive and Trustworthy Network and Service Infrastructures
  • Challenge 2 - Cognitive Systems, Interaction, Robotics
  • Challenge 3 - Components, systems, engineering
  • Challenge 4 - Digital Libraries and Content
  • Challenge 5 - Towards sustainable and personalized healthcare
  • Challenge 6 - ICT for Mobility, Environmental Sustainability and Energy Efficiency
  • Challenge 7 - ICT for Independent Living, Inclusion and Governance
  • Future and Emerging Technologies (FET)
  • E-Infrastructures to assist researchers and will also be supported through the Research Infrastructures
  • International Cooperation

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