The aim of the Space theme under FP7 is to

  • Support a European Space Programme focusing on applications such as "Global Monitoring for Environment and Security" (GMES) with benefits for citizens and
  • Increase the competitiveness of the European space industry.

This will contribute to the development of a European space policy, complementing efforts by Member States and by other key players, including the European Space Agency.

The EU Member States have earmarked more than € 1.4 billion for funding this theme over the duration of FP7.

The following activities will be given importance:

Space-based applications serving European society

  • Developing satellite observation systems and the GMES services for the management of the environment, security, agriculture, forestry and meteorology, civil protection and risk management;

Exploration of space –

  • Provision of support for collaborative initiatives between ESA or national space agencies, as well as coordinating efforts for the development of space-borne telescopes;

Strengthening Space foundations –

  • Support research for long term needs such as space transportation, bio-medicine, life and physical sciences in space.

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