FP7 Transport (including Aeronautics) new calls

Call Identifier Call Title Date of Publication Deadline Date
FP7-AAT-2012-RTD-L0 FP7-AERONAUTICS and AIR TRANSPORT (AAT)-2012-RTD-L0 2011-07-20 2013-03-14
FP7-TRANSPORT-2012-MOVE-1 FP7-TRANSPORT-2012-MOVE-1 2011-07-20 2012-03-01
FP7-ERANET-2012-RTD ERA-NET Call 2012 2011-07-20 2012-02-28
FP7-AAT-2012-RTD-JAPAN FP7-AERONAUTICS and AIR TRANSPORT (AAT)-2012-RTD-JAPAN 2011-07-20 2011-12-01
FP7-2012-GC-MATERIALS Materials for Green Cars - 2012 2011-07-20 2011-12-01
FP7-SST-2012-RTD-1 FP7- SUSTAINABLE SURFACE TRANSPORT (SST)-2012-RTD-1 including European Green Cars Initiative 2011-07-20 2011-12-01
FP7-AAT-2012-RTD-1 FP7-AERONAUTICS and AIR TRANSPORT (AAT)-2012-RTD-1 2011-07-20 2011-12-01
FP7-TPT-2012-RTD-1 FP7-Transport (TPT)-2012-RTD-1 2011-07-20 2011-12-01

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FP7 Transport Work Programme

A new approach has been adopted for Transport Work Programme 2012, reflecting the new political context and the priority given to the Innovation Union. This new approach is based on focusing on major socio-economic challenges and responding to societal concerns. The work programme is structured accordingly to these challenges and addresses the innovation cycle in its integrity, while respecting the rules of competition. The Transport theme takes a holistic 'transport system' approach in addressing the challenges and the innovation dimension, by considering the interactions of vehicles or vessels, networks or infrastructures and the use of transport services. Such an approach will necessitate the integration and demonstration of new concepts, knowledge and technologies, and the support to bringing them to the market within a socio-economic and policy context.


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