The core objective of transport research under FP7 is:

  • To develop safer, “greener” and “smarter” transport systems for Europe that will benefit the citizens and society by respecting the environment and natural resources
  • To increase the competitiveness of European industries in the global market.

The EU has earmarked €4.1 billion for transport over the lifetime of the FP7 programme.

The Transport area considers holistic “transport systems” approach in addressing the challenges, in connections of vehicles or vessels, networks or infrastructures and the use of transport services. This theme in general covers a huge range of technologies as well as environmental impact and transport policy related issues.

The “Transport” area covers all four modes of transport:

1. Aeronautics and air transport - Funding priorities are:

  • The “greening” of air transport
  • Increasing time efficiency
  • Customer satisfaction and safety
  • Improving cost efficiency
  • Protection of aircraft and passengers
  • Air transport of the future

2. Road - Funding priorities are:

  • Creating 'greener' road transport
  • Encouraging modal shift and decongesting transport corridors
  • Ensuring sustainable urban mobility
  • Improving safety and security
  • Strengthening competitiveness
  • Air transport of the future

3. Rail - Funding priorities are:

  • Interoperability
  • Intelligent mobility
  • Safety and security
  • Environment
  • Innovative materials and production methods

4. Waterborne transport - Funding priorities are:

  • Safe, sustainable and efficient waterborne operations
  • A competitive European maritime industry
  • Managing and facilitating growth and changing trade patterns

5. Multimodal

Research undertaken under the Seventh Framework Programme will also seek more efficient use and greater integration of all four modes by funding research in multimodal transport.

Transport research under FP7 will also provide support to the

  • European global satellite navigation system Galileo and

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