The European Union’s Framework Program 7 (with an emphasis on ICT) by Myer W Morron

The book is a practitioners manual aimed at Senior Management staff in organisations wishing a broader background on the European Union's Seventh Framework R&D as well as at consultants to those organisations.

The initial chapter’s one, two and three can stand alone and give an overview suitable as an introductory text. It is primarily aimed at Commercial organisations, but three quarters of the content also applies to Academic Institutions and other non-commercial potential participants. With respect to technical coverage, it is focused on the Cooperation part of FP7 with some emphasis on the ICT Program. However, the majority of the content applies to all the other Themes.


ICT Competencies in India – A guide to massive research opportunities in India

This is the second edition of “Indian ICT Organization’s Competencies Booklet”, comprising of the profiles of the Best in Class Indian ICT organisations which are involved actively in research and development activities.

The organizations are categorized under various groups such as Large Companies, SMEs, Universities and Research Centres. This book consists of 12 large companies, 20 SMEs, 26 Universities and 12 Research Centres.

The outline of the template is as follows; it starts with organization’s contact information, followed by their areas of activity and competencies and a brief profile/summary of the organization

The subsequent questions are pertaining to ICT Challenges of FP7. The booklet showcases the relevant challenge areas for each organization, their research capacity/ capabilities in these identified areas and lastly exhibits each organization’s scope of activities in the forthcoming Calls.

The annex highlights the organization’s research capabilities for the Challenge areas under Calls 4, 5 and 6 of FP7.


Catalogue of Indian ICT Research - Discover Vibrant India

This booklet is intended as a support tool for those interested in the ICT sector collaborative research with India. It is based on documents and updated information available to date from various sources.